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Reasons To Shop at Floormall.com

  • Our Accomplishments

    400,000+ products shipped - Over 50 warehouses, 30 vendors, 20+ direct-manufacturer relationships - Top 30 Fastest Growing Retailer

  • Safest Place to Shop Online

    Read how we do more to protect your information and transactions.

  • Free Shipping

    Orders over $199 automatically receive Free Shipping!*

  • Build.com Network of Stores

    Floormall.com is a Network Store of Build.com. When shopping with Floormall.com, you have access to ALL of our stores. One account - everything home improvement and decor!


Featured Products

  • Bruce CB1275

    Bruce CB1275

    Red Oak Espresso Solid Hardwood Flooring - 3-1/4" Wide Planks (22 SF / Carton)

    Our Price: $137.50
  • Bruce E3537

    Bruce E3537

    American Walnut Cocoa Brown Solid Hardwood Flooring - 5" Wide Planks (28 SF / Carton)

    Our Price: $222.60
  • Build.com BC-021CMAS

    Build.com BC-021CMAS

    Samoan Mahogany Bergamot Solid Hardwood Flooring - 4-3/4" Wide Planks (22.2 SF / Carton)

    Our Price: $105.67
  • Build.com BC-021MMAS

    Build.com BC-021MMAS

    Samoan Mahogany Chai Solid Hardwood Flooring - 4-3/4" Wide Planks (22.2 SF / Carton)

    Our Price: $105.67

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