Australian cypress

Common Name(s):

Australian Cypress

Botanical Name:

Callitris glauca

Woodworking Qualities:

Australian cypress is easy to machine and sand, but can be brittle. Care should be taken when nailing. Pre-boring is suggested for this process.

Janka Rating:

Australian Cypress' Janka rating is 1375, a hair above White Oak and falling in the middle range of the most common hardwoods.

Species Characteristics:

While Australian Cypress is technically a softwood species, it is actually the only commercial softwood that is harder than Red Oak. The stability of this species is quite good.


Australian Cypress shows a high degree of variability between sapwood and heartwood, with the former being a cream or even straw colored hue, while the latter can be a dark golden-brown. Knots accentuate the wood occasionally with darker colors still.

Color Change:

Australian Cypress will exhibit an ambering effect over time, gaining more of the golden coloring it already possesses.


The highly decorative appearance of Australian Cypress makes it more appropriate for its uses in light construction, veneers, and flooring..

Australian Cypress Origin:

This popular hardwood comes from Australia – as the name denotes – from New South Wales and Queensland territories.


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